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Frequently asked questions page. All you need to know.




Getting your foot through the door is quite simple when you deal with us, just read on .... so long as you are in employment, please read on ....


Q- Do I have to pay a deposit ?

A- On our properties, No - we don't usually take deposits, only rent. You may need to pay advance rent depending on circumstances. Please telephone for more information on this subject.


Q - I have pets / children etc, is this OK ?

A- Pets will be considered, families are acceptable.


Q - I'm a student, is this OK ?

A - Please telephone for further information.


Q- I'm unemployed  - will I be accepted ?

A- We can't take Housing benefit, DSS, JSA etc unless you have alternative private means - you would need to be in employment or of pensionable age. However, there are circumstances where we can accept benefits, but we would generally require six months advance rental. Please be aware that there have been numerous changes in the law and housing benefit will not be paid direct to a landlord or 'guaranteed' to the landlord by the local authority, often against popular belief.


Q- Why are your rents lower than the average ?

A- Because we own the vast majority of properties on offer, we don't take a 'cut' of the rent each and every month which is usually held onto by a traditional letting agent to cover management fees and expenses. We are able to afford to pass on these savings to you as you are dealing direct with the landlord.


Q- How long can I stay for ?

A-Tenancy agreements are for a minimum of six months, if the tenancy runs satisfactory, longer.


Q- Can I stay longer after the six month term ?

A- Usually YES! As long as the tenancy has been running satisfactory and rents are paid up to date etc. On our owned properties we welcome people who wish to stay on, many of our tenants have settled with us for years ranging from people and couples up to 70+ years old, some in occupation in excess of 15 years.


Q- Do you provide furnished properties ? 

A- Our owned properties are left carpeted ready to move into. You would need to provide washing machine, cooker and fridge. Our rents reflect this. 


Q- How long does it take to move in ?

A- After a brief initial meeting, if you are chosen for a property, once the first rental payment is made, you can move in immediately! Remember, we're a private concern, so we don't operate on a first come first served basis - if you want a property from us its best to contact us now!


Q- Do I have any form of legal agreement ?

A- Yes - You are given a tenancy agreement.


Q - Are you an estate or letting agent

A - No. We are a professionally run private business that is involved with the purchase and rental of buildings and property.


Q- How is the rent paid ? Do you call round ?

A- We collect rents by standing order. It means it comes out of your bank account direct meaning no one needs to call round to collect payment. Totally professional. 


Q- Why rent from us ?

A- Because we personally maintain and own our properties, you are not going through a middleman. You are dealing direct with a local landlord on our properties offered.


Q- Any age restrictions ?

A- We generally gear up for 25 years of age plus, there can be exceptions. 


For further details go to our contact us page or telephone 07739 103165.


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